What awards has & Juliet received?

& Juliet initially made waves in London’s West End, earning critical acclaim and subsequently securing multiple major theatre awards. Described by the London Theatre review as often resembling a series of pop videos come to life, the production received praise for its performance platforms and lively setting, coupled with a knowing and powerful pop theatre delivery. Several voices and the talented designers behind the vibrant staging received well-deserved accolades. Here is a list of the major awards &Juliet has garnered thus far:

Olivier Awards (2020):

  • Best Actress in a Musical: Miriam-Teak Lee as Juliet
  • Best Supporting Actor: David Bedella as Lance
  • Best Supporting Actress: Cassidy Janson as Anne Hathaway

  • WhatsOnStage Awards:

  • Miriam-Teak Lee won for her performance as Juliet.
  • The production secured five awards in design categories: set, costume, video, projection, and graphic.

  • Black British Theatre Awards (2020):

  • Miriam-Teak Lee received the Best Female Actor in a Musical award for her portrayal of Juliet.
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