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The new Broadway musical “& Juliet” has been wowing audiences at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre with its pop-filled soundtrack and modern take on Shakespeare’s classic tragedy. This article will cover everything you need to know about the hit show.


& Juliet Broadway tickets

City Dates Tickets Venue
New York, NY Dates of the event by the link Stephen Sondheim Theatre

& Juliet North America tour tickets

City Dates Tickets Venue
Baltimore, MD September 22 – 28, 2024 The Hippodrome Theatre
Durham, NC October 1 – 6, 2024 Durham Performance Arts Center
Greensboro, NC October 8 – 13, 2024 Tanger Center
Charlotte, NC October 22 – 27, 2024 Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
Pittsburgh, PA October 29 – November 3, 2024 Benedum Center
Buffalo, NY November 19 – 24, 2024 Shea’s Buffalo
Chicago, IL December 3 – 15, 2024 Cadillac Palace Theatre
Atlanta, GA January 7 – 12, 2025 Fox Theatre
Houston, TX January 21 – 26, 2025 Sarofim Hall at Hobby Center
Dallas, TX January 28 – February 9, 2025 Music Hall
Nashville, TN February 11 – 16, 2025 Tennessee Performing Arts Center
Providence, RI February 25 – March 2, 2025 Providence Performing Arts Center
Cleveland, OH March 4 – 23, 2025 Playhouse Square
Cincinnati, OH April 8 – 20, 2025 Aronoff Center
Lousville, KY April 22 – 27, 2025 Kentucky Center
Oklahoma City April 29 – May 4, 2025 Civic Center Music Hall
Minneapolis, MN May 13 – 18, 2025 Orpheum Theatre
ST. Louis, MO May 20 – June 1, 2025 The Fabulous Fox Theatre
Denver, CO Jun 4 – 15, 2025 Buell Theatre
Salt Lake City, UT Jun 17 – 22, 2025 Eccles Theater
San Francisco, CA July 1 – 27, 2025 Orpheum Theatre
Seattle, WA July 29 – August 3, 2025 The Paramount Theatre
Portland, OR August 5 – 10, 2025 Keller Auditorium

Overview of & Juliet

  • & Juliet is a jukebox musical featuring the songs of prolific pop songwriter Max Martin. The show has an original story that imagines what would happen next if Juliet hadn’t died at the end of Romeo and Juliet.

  • In the musical, Juliet leaves Verona behind and sets off on a journey of self-discovery. She is joined by her best friends and her nurse as she navigates love, heartbreak, and independence.

  • With its themes of female empowerment, AndJuliet” has been praised for bringing a feminist perspective to Shakespeare’s well-known romance.

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Undoubtedly, &Juliet redefines the concept of the greatest love story ever told. While Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has long held that title, “& Juliet” dares to imagine a different narrative, one where Juliet’s story doesn’t end in tragedy. It flips the script on the classic tale and asks, “What if Juliet had a second chance at life?”

Life After Romeo

In this musical extravaganza, Juliet embarks on a journey of self-discovery, leaving Verona behind and embracing a life beyond the shadow of Romeo. The narrative explores the uncharted territories of life after the events of the original tragedy, presenting a fresh perspective on Juliet’s character and her resilience in the face of heartbreak.

Buying Tickets

  • Tickets for “& Juliet” can be purchased on the official Broadway website. The show plays 8 times a week at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre.

  • Prices range from $49 – $199 depending on date and seat location. Standard Broadway rush and lottery policies also apply.

Development and Creative Team

  • & Juliet premiered in London’s West End in 2019 before opening on Broadway in 2022.

  • The musical features a book by Emmy-winning writer David West Read and direction by Luke Sheppard. Max Martin wrote the lyrics and music.

  • New songs as well as reworked versions of pop hits were added for the Broadway production.

Cast and Characters

  • Leading the cast as Juliet is Lorna Courtney, in her Broadway debut. She is joined by Tony Award-winner Paulo Szot as Lance and Betsy Wolfe as Anne Hathaway.

  • Other key characters include Juliet’s nurse, played by Melanie La Barrie, and her best friends May and Francesca, portrayed by Casey Al-Shaqsy and Baku Scott.

  • The ensemble brings passion and energy to the show’s large-scale dance numbers choreographed by Jennifer Weber.

Music and Lyrics

  • Featuring some of Max Martin’s biggest hits, the score includes songs like “…Baby One More Time,” “It’s My Life,” and “Since U Been Gone.”

  • The lyrics have been reworked to fit the storyline while maintaining the pop sensibilities that made the songs so popular.

  • New songs written for the show include “One More Try” and “Top of the World.”

  • A roof-raising rendition of the Celine Dion hit “That’s The Way It Is” brings down the house.

Design and Production

  • With a set by Soutra Gilmour and costumes by Paloma Young, the production is vividly modern with an Elizabethan twist.

  • The lighting, sound design, and video elements immerse the audience in everything from fairytale forests to pop concerts.

  • Standout moments include an epic dance party to Britney Spears’ “Toxic.”

Reviews and Reception

  • “& Juliet” has received positive reviews, with critics praising its high-energy musical numbers and message of empowerment.

  • It was nominated for several major awards including the Tony Award for Best Original Score.

  • The show has been a hit with audiences, touting an original story, humor, and chart-topping tunes.

Whether you’re a fan of Shakespeare, jukebox musicals, or Max Martin hits, “& Juliet” delivers an electrifying experience. This bold and unapologetic show is a Broadway must-see.


New Musical Script on the Greatest Love

The show’s Emmy-winning writer, David West Read, crafts a new script that seamlessly weaves together the timeless themes of love, independence, and empowerment. The characters evolve beyond their Shakespearean origins, and the narrative takes unexpected turns, creating a truly original and captivating storyline.

Second Chance at Life

Juliet’s second chance at life becomes a central theme, offering audiences a profound reflection on resilience and the pursuit of happiness. The musical portrays a Juliet who, instead of succumbing to tragedy, seizes the opportunity to shape her own destiny, making it a story of empowerment and self-discovery.

Stop the Feeling

The soundtrack, filled with Max Martin’s pop-filled hits, enhances the emotional depth of the storyline. The music becomes the heartbeat of Juliet’s journey, expressing her highs and lows, and capturing the essence of each moment. The catchy tunes not only entertain but also contribute to the overall emotional resonance of the narrative.

Flips the Script

“& Juliet” literally flips the script on traditional narratives, offering a bold and unapologetic departure from the expected. It challenges the conventions of storytelling, inviting the audience to reimagine a classic and embrace the unexpected twists that come with rewriting the ending of a beloved tale.

For a musical that stops at nothing to deliver a roof-raising experience, & Juliet has successfully created a production that resonates with both fans of the original story and those seeking a contemporary and empowering narrative.

2024: A Fabulous Year for Broadway

In the vibrant landscape of Broadway, 2024 marks the arrival of a sensational and hilarious new musical that flips the script on the traditional tales we hold dear. “& Juliet” takes the stage at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre, offering a fresh beginning to the iconic story of Romeo and Juliet.

A Famous Ending for a Fresh Beginning

This fabulous production introduces audiences to a Juliet who is whisked away on a fabulous journey, shedding her famous ending for a fresh start. The narrative unfolds with humor and wit, challenging preconceived notions and giving Juliet not only a fresh beginning but also a second chance at life and love.

Preview of the Playbill

As patrons get whisked away into this larger-than-life musical experience, they are treated to a playbill that promises an extraordinary fusion of pop music’s greatest hits and the timeless tale of Shakespeare’s Juliet. With Max Martin’s chart-topping tracks and David West Read’s telling, “& Juliet” emerges as a masterpiece, introducing Shakespeare’s wife and the broader dimensions of his world.

Life After Romeo: An Emmy-Winning Twist

The musical, under the direction of Luke Sheppard, introduces a twist from an unexpected source—the Emmy-winning writer from Schitt’s Creek, David West Read. His unique approach infuses humor and charm into the storyline, proving that there’s life after Romeo and a whole new world of possibilities.

“That’s The Way It Is”: A Celine Dion Hit

In a show where you simply can’t stop the feeling, a roof-raising rendition of Celine Dion’s hit, “That’s The Way It Is,” gives the show its heart. The emotional depth of this moment, combined with the larger-than-life performances, ensures that “& Juliet” becomes an unforgettable experience for all who witness it.

Introducing Shakespeare’s Wife and More

David West Read’s storytelling prowess extends beyond Juliet’s character, introducing Shakespeare’s wife and expanding the narrative to include the broader cast of characters who typically stand in the shadows. This innovative approach creates a multifaceted exploration of love, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

Broadway Accessibility Details

As the curtains rise, the Stephen Sondheim Theatre ensures a welcoming environment for all with assistive listening, handheld captions, and prerecorded audio options. This commitment to accessibility aligns with the show’s larger-than-life spirit, making it an inclusive and unforgettable experience for everyone.

Justin David Sullivan: An Artist This Century

The creative collaboration extends to the choreography by Justin David Sullivan, an artist of this century who infuses the production with contemporary flair. The dance numbers, including an epic party to Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” contribute to the overall energy and modernity of “& Juliet.”

Conclusion: A Broadway Must-See

In conclusion, And Juliet stands as a testament to the evolution of Broadway in 2024. It takes risks, flips the script, and delivers a show that is not just a musical but a cultural phenomenon. Whether you’re a fan of Shakespeare, pop music’s greatest hits, or simply seeking a fabulous night out, “& Juliet” is a must-see that promises laughter, love, and a fresh take on the greatest love story ever told.

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