Overview of & Juliet’s characters

The cast of & Juliet features reimagined iterations of Shakespeare’s characters, entirely new characters created specifically for the musical, and fictionalized portrayals of historical figures. Here are the principal characters in & Juliet:

  • Juliet: The central character from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, she is a young woman who, diverging from the tragic end in Shakespeare’s play, chooses to explore life beyond Romeo and Verona. While possessing a touch of naivety, she is headstrong and resolute.
  • Romeo: Juliet’s love interest from Romeo & Juliet. The ‘& Juliet’ musical commences immediately after his suicide, and his presence continues to be significant in this narrative, details of which we won’t reveal.
  • William Shakespeare: The author of Romeo & Juliet, who, along with his wife Anne Hathaway, serves as a narrator in ‘& Juliet.’ While actively participating in crafting this new story for Juliet, Shakespeare, being stubborn, frequently resists Anne’s proposed changes to his play.
  • Anne Hathaway: Shakespeare’s wife, the initiator of the idea to craft a new story for Juliet devoid of a tragic conclusion. Collaborating with Shakespeare in real-time, their disagreements over the storyline become an outlet for Anne to express grievances about their marriage.
  • Angelique: Originally unnamed in Romeo & Juliet, she adopts the name Angelique in ‘& Juliet.’ Acting as Juliet’s confidante and guardian, she grapples with the dilemma of either staying with Juliet for protection or forging her own life path.
  • Francois: A young French man hosting a party where he encounters Juliet and her friends. Pressured by his father to marry or join the military, Francois resists both options. Despite this, he finds himself developing feelings for Juliet, whom he views as a refreshing departure from the Parisian women he knows.
  • Lance: Francois’s father, imposing strict expectations on his son. However, he reveals a softer side in the presence of Angelique, the former nurse to his children, as they rekindle an old flame after years apart.
  • May: Juliet’s non-binary friend, grappling with the constraints imposed by societal expectations regarding gender and binary structures such as language. They connect with both Francois and Juliet, sharing their unique experiences of feeling stifled.

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