Interesting facts about the musical And Juliet

Discover more about the development of & Juliet and why its unique blend of classic and contemporary elements makes it truly special.

  • The design of &Juliet seamlessly combines the contemporary with the classical, particularly in its costumes. While featuring elements reminiscent of Shakespeare’s era, such as ruffled collars, the production infuses vibrant colors and modern accessories and footwear.
  • & Juliet shares a Broadway stage with Moulin Rouge! The Musical, another captivating show set in Paris that incorporates modern pop songs. While the focus of Moulin Rouge! centers around the romance between a courtesan and a writer, if you appreciate the music, energy, and glamour of one, you’re likely to enjoy the other!
  • During the creation of & Juliet, David West Read worked on the project while recovering from a concussion. In an interview with The Star, he mentioned selecting songs from Max Martin’s extensive catalog while he had nothing to do but lie in the dark and listen to hours and hours of Max Martin.
  • In the same interview, Read drew parallels between Shakespeare and Max Martin, describing Shakespeare as the pop writer of his time, crafting works for the masses. Aligning Shakespearean essence with Martin’s music, according to Read, makes perfect sense, considering Max Martin’s decades-long contribution to popular music.
  • The North American premiere of And Juliet marked a significant full-circle moment for Read, who hails from Toronto. The production took place at the Princess of Wales Theatre, the very venue where Read attended his first live show—another jukebox musical, Mamma Mia!